logo_modus_TELIKO The GFCF Arvi applied together with the MODUS DCS Integrated Management System in accordance with the standards of Agro 2.1 - 2.2 and Global Gap in a conventional alternative, environmentally friendly production method, whereby the manufacturer follows common rules for the cultivation, protection workers and environmental protection.

So each producer akoloutheii specific production rules, according to the instructions of the agronomists MODUS DCS and the association, keep logs of practices, to ensure consumer health and environmental protection.

agrocert More specifically, the partnership through the implementation of the Agro describes the requirements to be complied with a farm to be certified to implement the Integrated Management System (IMS) to generate products and more specifically during the development of Agro 2.1 applies general requirements in all of agriculture can be inspected objectively.

While the development of Agro 2.2 adapted to technical and legal requirements of the crop production system that came standard. These requirements include general rules of good agricultural practices and supporting environmentally-friendly measures for agricultural (crop) to produce safe and quality products and to achieve excellent environmental management.

The Integrated Management in this case applied collectively by the organization, with scientific support and monitoring by the supervisor of technical advice in this case is the cooperative Agronomist Vasilikaki Ms. Bright.

globalgap Apart from the Agro of application, on the occasion of the cooperative that sells products in the European market develops alongside the GLOBALGAP which is the global standard by using the Integrated Management of the farm producers in the world.

The association's main concern within the application to reassure consumers about how food is produced in the field which is achieved by minimizing the harm to the environment of agricultural work, reducing the use of specialty chemicals and ensuring a responsible approach hygiene and safety.


The development of these systems GLOBAL GAP & AGRO 2.1 - 2.2 has taken over several years MODOUS DCS and the inspection and issuance of certificates of conduct and implement the certification body TUV NORD ( TUV HELLAS ).

The differences in the development of systems from the MODOUS DCS and the expertise it has developed in line with its long experience of the management systems of quality, safety, management, and standards, combines the scientific knowledge, the use of new technologies and the internet to produce and market, which reverses the current data and to provide guarantees positive commercial results in your business.

online Today the cooperative through the e-cert global leader and develop these systems online and offers buyers and vegetable consumers all the information through the web based data management www.e-cert.gr :

  • absolute reliability,
  • speed data processing,
  • free of bureaucratic procedures,
  • support of technical consultants
  • immediacy of data security products.
  • production management in the preparation and sale
  • patch batch - LOT NUMBER
  • full traceability of the product during preparation and handling
  • free of bureaucratic procedures for workers and managers
  • specialized technical support to senior members of the Boards
  • tracing the product from your personal computer
  • promotional video projection by reading the LOT NUMBER

The advantage of videoprovolis (spot), through the Lot Number, brings sight partnering with our customers and consumers.

Finally, our goal is your ultimate customer or consumer to feel confident about the quality and safety of the product or service consumed or received.

Please contact us for any additional questions.

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